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24 Hour Live In Care For Dementia 

Finding the Right In Home Care for Dementia


Are you looking for home services that take long term care insurance for dementia? Maybe you are seeking out help for a loved one who no longer can maintain a good quality of life at home on their own. That is where Epic Home Care Inc can help. We provide a comprehensive level of service designed to provide you with specialized care. Each of our clients receives a customized care plan based on what their needs are. With in home care for dementia, you or your loved one may be able to remain at home instead of turning to other facilities for help.


When Is In Home Care for Dementia an Option?


Not all people with dementia will benefit from this type of care. The key here is to match our services with the needs of your loved one (or your own needs). If a person is in need of any type of ongoing medical services, such as oxygen therapy or life support, he or she may not benefit from the care we offer. However, our in home care for dementia can help men and women who just need some help and support throughout the day. This may include things like walking, using the restroom, and handling their household needs. Our team at Epic Home Care Inc is designed to provide the level of care you need every time.


24 Hour Live in Care for Dementia


Another option that may work for you is 24 hour live in care for dementia. In this situation, a care provider will spend longer periods of time with a person who is living with dementia. In some situations, you are able to welcome them into your home, where they will spend much of their time caring for your loved one. We offer this type of care at Epic Home Care Inc.


While 24 hour live in care for dementia may be an option to you, you may also want to consider round the clock care from our team. Here, the caregiver does not live in your home, but there is always someone available to your loved one. They are not left alone.


What is the right care plan for you or your loved one? The best first step is to analyze what your goals and needs are. Then, contact us at Epic Home Care Inc. Our team will come to you, talk to you about your needs and goals, and help to create a care plan that works for your needs. This may include in home care for dementia. We also can help you with long term care insurance for dementia – we accept most forms of insurance coverage. Be sure to verify coverage within your policy. Now is the best time to schedule a consultation with our team.

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