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Assisted Living 

Is Independent Living Still an Option?

One of the hardest decisions a person has to make during their later years is knowing when they need help. Most people want to continue to live life the way they always have, but things become hard to do. Caring for the home, managing personal care, and even just prepping meals becomes challenging. This is when you may start wondering if independent living is still an option for you. For many people, it can be if you get additional help to support you while you are at home.

When Assisted Living Is Not Ideal

For some people, especially those who are facing medical problems and complications, a nursing home or, at the very least, and assisted living facility, can be helpful. In these environments, you move into a facility that provides at least some of the help you need. It can be an option that is worthwhile for those who can no longer manage to live at home on their own. By choosing this type of service, you may be able to get more of the support you need on an ongoing basis.

If you do not want to do that, though, you may be considering your options for independent living. If this is something you are considering, allow our team at Epic Home Care Inc to help you. In this type of arrangement, you remain at your home. However, help comes to you. You choose the types of help you need, how often you need that support, and what your short term and long term goals are. We provide it to you.


What Can Elder Care Services Do for You?


For those who are in need of ongoing help at home to remain at home, Epic Home Care Inc can provide it. Our team of compassionate caregivers can come to your home to provide for many of the elder care services you need. This includes providing for your personal care needs, such as help grooming, dressing, and bathing. It also often includes help around the home. Our team can handle things like doing the dishes, dusting, and cleaning up. We can also help with making meals and organizing areas for you.


Another component of elder care services that is very important is companionship. Our team will work closely with you to ensure that you are getting quality care. That means working with you one on one to play some games, talk about the past, or go for a walk. The goal here is to ensure you have the best level of service and quality of life as possible.


Our team at Epic Home Care Inc offers customized care plans. Call us and allow us to talk to you about all of your options.


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