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Home Care 

Defining the Home Care Your Loved One Needs


Epic Home Care Inc offers senior home care designed to meet the needs of those who want to remain at home, but need some help to accomplish traditional tasks that they would do for themselves. It is not always necessary to have to move into an assisted living facility or nursing home – your loved one may be able to stay at home longer with this level of care. The key is to know what type of care is best suited for your individual needs.


What Is Home Care?


Home care is a term that refers to care performed at a senior’s home, generally for the maintenance of that property. Home care may include some types of household duties. That includes tasks such as managing the laundry, organizing spaces, dusting, vacuuming, and providing meal cleanup. In some cases, it also includes planning meals, helping with pets, and making the beds. It is care that is often necessary in the home that may become too hard for someone who is older to complete on his or her own. Our services also include providing transportation to and from outings, doctor’s appointments, and other services. It also includes managing the trash or other tasks.

What Is Personal Care?

Many men and women also benefit from personal care services. These are services that involve caring for a person’s physical needs. We can help with tasks such as personal hygiene, incontinence care, toileting, and bathing. We can also help your loved one with grooming and dressing. These are the types of services that are critical for maintaining a person’s health and wellbeing while they live at home. At Epic Home Care Inc, we can personalize care that fits just about any needs you have in this area.

What Is Companion Care?


While caring for the home and a person’s unique needs is important, it is also essential to have someone to talk to and interact with. That is what our caregivers can offer, as well. Companion care is what helps to ensure a higher quality of life for the men and women who want this level of support. This may include things like playing games, doing crafts, helping with meal prep, and handling other hobbies. It can also include organizing socializing opportunities with friends or going out to dinner for a meal. Sometimes, it is all about spending time talking about the past or any other service. Others it is a walk to promote health.

What type of care is right for your loved one? To learn more, contact our team at Epic Home Care Inc. Schedule a consultation in your home to talk about each one of your options. We are happy to help you find the best level of care for any need.

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