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Long Term Care Insurance For Alzheimers Patients 

Is Long Term Care Insurance for Alzheimer's Patients an Option?


When your loved one is in need of help, and you cannot be there to provide that help, you need to make big decisions. In some situations, it is possible for a person with Alzheimers to remain at home for many years until and unless the condition worsens to a severe level. The key here is that they need help, and usually as soon as possible, to maintain their health and wellbeing while living at home. At Epic Home Care Inc, we can help you with that. In some cases, long term care insurance for Alzheimer's patients can help to cover the costs, too.


Does Insurance Cover the Costs of In Home Care?

Many people are seeking long term care insurance for Alzheimers patients because they recognize the importance of having quality care at home, but know that insurance is beneficial. In some cases, this type of insurance will cover the costs of the care your loved one needs. It depends on the details within your policy. It is worth calling the company to verify this. At Epic Home Care Inc, we accept most forms of insurance that provide this type of coverage.

Finding Specialized Care Is Valuable


If you do not want your loved one to move into an assisted living or other type of care facility, you may be able to use our specialized care as a way to avoid this. This type of care is designed to help support men and women who are facing mild to moderate levels of Alzheimer’s or dementia. It does not always help those who have a severe form of this disease. However, for many people, we can provide specialized care that allows them to remain in their homes long term.

Is Long Term Care Best for Your Loved One?

While it is always a personal decision about which type of care is best for an individual, one thing is clear. Many people who are older want to remain at home, where they are comfortable. Our long term care options can help with this goal. We offer one on one support, and customized care plans to meet their daily needs, and support them through any concerns they have. A key component of what we do is provide companionship. Talking, sharing in memories, and working towards living a good quality of life is always something our clients can expect from us.

If you are unsure what type or level of care is right for your loved one, allow our team to help you. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer as well as the level of care that your loved one needs. We are happy to customize a care plan to meet any goals.


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