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5 Ways to Ease the Transition to Assisted Living

Making a move to assisted living can be difficult for some seniors. It can also be difficult for their family, who want what is best for them, but don't want to force them to leave their home. There are some ways to make a move easier on all concerned. With a bit of patience and understanding, you can help your loved one make this transition. There is good news for all concerned, while seniors may resist making a move, once living in the facility, many of the residents find that they enjoy it. They can make new friends and take part in activities. Keep the following ideas in mind to help make a move more pleasant.

Begin Discussing the Move Well in Advance

You never want to spring this on a person at the last minute.

  • Begin discussing the move months in advance.

  • Discuss the facility and what they can expect.

  • Be sure to point out the things that they will enjoy.

Take Away Some of the Financial Stress

Long term care insurance for Alzheimers patients is one way to do this. You may not realize the stress of worrying about paying can impact a person. Many seniors have worked hard to save and to be debt-free. The thought of going into debt can be challenging for them.

Plan a Visit

The unknown can be frightening. Imagine moving into a house or apartment without having seen it ahead of time? That would be unpleasant and would undoubtedly give you cause for concern. Well before the move, take your loved one to look over the place. It gives them a sense of familiarity.

Go Through the House Together

Don't come into the house like a drill sergeant when it's time to pack up the house and get rid of things. Go through things together. Let your loved or have a say in what happens to their belongings. Remember, what might be junk to you could be a treasured memento to them.

Decorate Their New Room

Once the transition gets done, be sure to hang pictures and other objects that will make it homey. Get a pretty new comforter set, some fresh towels, and anything else that you think will bring joy when they look at it.

By taking the time to do all the above, you'll be helping your family members feel cared for and valued. They will like having some control over where they are going and what happens to their things. One more tip, this one is essential, during the first days and weeks after the move, check in often. They may fear getting forgotten, let them know that is not the case.

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