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Senior Caregivers

Senior Helper Services – Help for Your Aging Parent


You want to be there for your parents as they get older. You know they need help, but you have your own job, family, and home to take care of. This is often the situation in many homes, and it becomes overwhelming for adult children to make decisions about the care of their aging parents need. At Epic Home Care Inc, we can help you by providing senior helper services. This type of service is designed to provide for the unique needs of your parents as they get older while allowing them to remain at their homes instead of moving into a facility.

Who Can Benefit from This Type of Help?

Every situation is different. It is always wise to work with your parents to understand what level of care they need. Our senior caregivers can customize care to meet most goals. While we do not provide medication or medical care, we can provide for most other services they need. This includes everything from helping with the household chores to managing meals.

Is this the type of care your parents need? You may notice that the dishes do not get done. Your loved ones may no longer be able to prepare a healthy meal – and you know this because they don’t seem to cook. You may also notice that your loved one is unable to bathe or take care of the home without you doing it for them. These are very common changes that happen as a person gets older. They need this type of support and care. We can provide it to them at Epic Home Care Inc.

It’s More Than Just Work, Though


As your parents are getting older, you may also notice that they are not engaging in activities they used to. They may not socialize with family members as much as they used to or spend time with friends. That is where our senior companions can help. This type of service can accompany any other service available. It simply means that you can have someone that is available to work with your family members on things they want to do. This may include going for a walk, playing a game, doing a craft project, or just talking. Senior companions are a vital component to helping ensure your parents’ quality of life remains as high as possible.

With our senior caregivers, you can get the one-on-one support you need to ensure your family is safe and happy while you take care of your own family. As adult children, you may know that this is the next step in ensuring that your parents are well cared for when you cannot be there to do it all for them.


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