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Helping Your Senior Relative Make Decisions About Independent Living

Age brings impressive experience and wisdom, and we should honor our loved ones who have enjoyed long lives on this earth. Unfortunately, life also carries some significant challenges as we continue to age, and eventually, decisions will have to get made about care.

This process looks different for every family, and what works well for one person might not be the best solution for another. However, these conversations need to happen eventually, and you want to minimize the stress on everyone when they do.

Start Earlier Than Necessary

When your loved one is struggling, it is a challenging time for everyone. You are all stressed and dealing with strong emotions, and this is not the best time to have life-changing conversations. To eliminate this occurrence, start the conversation about aging, independent living, nursing homes, and other topics much earlier than seems necessary.

Starting earlier has numerous advantages in your life and for your loved ones. First, you can hear your loved one’s wishes when they are still able to think through them with a clear mind. Next, it gives you time to research options to make sure that your loved one has the very best care when it is needed. Finally, it allows you to plan strategically for the future, whether that means saving up money or purchasing long term care insurance for dementia.

Take Time to Listen

When you are having a conversation about emotional topics like independent living for seniors, it is essential to remember to listen even more than you speak. If possible, the discussion should include numerous family members. Everyone cares about their loved one, so everyone deserves the chance to give their opinion.

Although things can sometimes get tense, try to remember that you are all trying to do your best for someone that you love. One party might think that long term care insurance for dementia is a necessity, while another might not even want to think of their loved one having dementia. Instead of this causing arguments, it should be useful in helping everyone gain a fuller perspective of the situation.

When people feel heard, they are more likely to work together to come up with a solution that works best for your loved one. It is okay to stop and take a break if things get uncomfortable and remember that every single decision does not need to get made in one day.

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